Want to be an expert speller? 

Click here to revise!
Above is a link for you to use to revise your spelling rules ready for May! Remember, you are tested on the whole of ks2, not just year 5/6! 

Top tip- 

Revise a list of 10 spellings by writing the words out multiple times. 

Cover the words and write them out (test yourself!) 

Now check- are they correct? 

Keep up the hard work! 🙂 

Happy Easter! 

I hope that you are all having a lovely break from school, playing with your friends, having days out with your families and doing a bit of revision! 

Here is a link for some maths revision, make it fun by using some coloured pens/ pencils, challenge yourself to answer questions with a timer and beat your own score and carefully check the answers to make sure you’re accurate! 

Maths revision website! Click here!

In memory of Mrs Collenette

In memory of Mrs Collenette, 6EA have a wonderful new story to read. As a class we talked about our memories of Mrs Collenette with great fondness and every time we read this story, we will see her face and smile.

Here are a few of our memories…

Imaan “I remember when I needed help with my writing and I had my hand up for agesssss and Mrs Collenette came past the classroom and came in and helped me”.

Raees “Mrs Collenette saved me from a tricky situation!”

Liya “I remember Mrs Collenette’s funny finger exercises, she used to say – I like to do my exercises, exercises, exercises!- it was really funny!”